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GALA 2022

Performance Program

Thank you all so much for joining us for our 2nd annual Summer Gala.
We hope you enjoy and can't wait to celebrate with you after the show!

Intro Video + Welcome


Choreography: Debra King
Music: "Szamár Madár" by Venetian Snares
Dancers: Bethany Kellner, Juliet Mazzola, Sky Miller, Sarah Roberts, Barbara Tosto, Caroline Yamada
Costumes: Debra King

Company Choreographers & HBT's New Trainee Program


Choreography: Hayley Clark
Music: "Hallelujah Junction" by John Adams & "Reckoning" by Austin Reed Alleman
Dancers: Julia Horner, Bethany Kellner, Juliet Mazzola, Barbara Tosto, Caroline Yamada, Tara Youngman
Costumes: Erica Johnston

Hudson Youth Ballet Video

Finale Pas De Deux (Excerpt from Snow White)

Choreography: Debra King
Music: "The Spell is Broken" by London Children's Ballet Orchestra
Dancers: Jacob Hiss, Sarah Roberts
Costumes: Ho-Shia Aaron Thao

Choreography: Bethany Kellner
Music: "Architect of the Mind" by Kerry Muzzey
Dancers: Hayley Clark, Juliet Mazzola, Tara Youngman

Costumes: Fernanda Yamaguchi

Golden Venture (Excerpt from Songs of the Sea)
Choreography: Ho-Shia Aaron Thao
Music: "Tourbillon" by Julia Kent with Interview of Shengqiao Chen and Zehao Zhou, by StoryCorps
Dancers: Jarred Bosch, Julia Horner, Sarah Roberts, Caroline Yamada
Costumes: Erica Johnston

Year in Review Video

Emergence (Excerpt from Icarus: An Immigrant's Flight)

Choreography: Ho-Shia Aaron Thao, funded by the Bronx Council of the Arts, 2022 Arts Fund Grant
Music"Symphony No. 2 "Under The Trees' Voices":  II. Allegro, Growing as a treeby Ezio Bosso, Orchestra Filarmonica:
Dancers: Julia Benevento, Hayley Clark, Julia Horner, Barbara Tosto 
Costumes: Fernanda Yamaguchi

Choreography: Ho-Shia Aaron Thao
Music: "Six Breaths:  VI Breath, The Last Breath" by Ezio Bosso, The London Cello Ensemble

Dancers: Sky Miller, Tamar Reisner, Talia Shoshani
Costumes: Ho-Shia Aaron Thao

Waves of Love
Choreography: Breton Tyner-Bryan
Music: "Variations on a Theme of Chopin, Op. 22: Var. 21, Andante" by Hugo Alcázar Rodríguez
Dancers: Jarred Bosch, Hayley Clark, Bethany Kellner, Juliet Mazzola, Tara Youngman
Costumes: Erica Johnston

Thank You

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