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Thank you for joining us for an evening celebrating and benefiting Hudson Ballet Theatre!

Profits from tonight's event will go directly toward
HYB student scholarships, community workshops and funding for new works and performances. 

We hope you enjoy!

Further support HBT by pledging to our 2023-24 Season!

Welcome Speech

Now Intro Video

Choreography: Kyle Marra
Music: An original composition by Joe DeSanctis
Dancers: Hayley Clark, Julia Horner, Judea Lowe, Kyle Marra, Talia Shoshani, Natalie Shreck, Caroline Yamada
Costumes: Kyle Marra

Willow Song Intro Video
Willow Song
Choreography: Ho-Shia Aaron Thao
Music: "Willow Song", an original composition by Ronald Corps
Dancers: Jacob Hiss, Bethany Kellner, Juliet Mazzola, Barbara Tosto, Gion Treichler
Costumes: Erica Johnston

A Change in the Looking Glass Intro Video
A Change in the Looking Glass
Choreography: Debra King
Music: "Waltz After Lasse in Lyby" by Danish String Quartet
Dancers: Judea Lowe, Talia Shoshani, Natalie Shreck
Costumes: Debra King

Synapse Intro Video

Choreography: Debra King
Music: "String Quartet No. 4: II" & String Quartet No. 4: V" by Michael Nyman
Dancers: Julia Horner, Sarah Swenson, Barbara Tosto, Caroline Yamada
Costumes: Erica Johnston & Fernanda Yamaguchi

In Orbit Intro Video

In Orbit
Choreography: Zachary Kapeluck
Music: An original composition by Austin Reed Alleman, Ben Alleman
Dancers: Hayley Clark, Bethany Kellner, Juliet Mazzola
Costumes: Erica Johnston

Do Your Pliés Intro Video

Do Your Pliés
Choreography: Debra King
Music: "Für Elise Jam" by The Piano Guys
Dancers: Anissa Bagby, Lexi Frankel, Ginger Salvaggio
Costumes: Ho-Shia Aaron Thao

Othello's Entrance Intro Video

Othello's Entrance
Choreography: Ho-Shia Aaron Thao
Music: An original composition by Marc DeSanctis
Dancers: Kyle Marra, Bethany Kellner, Juliet Mazzola, Sarah Swenson, Gion Treichler​
Costumes: Erica Johnston

Closing Speech


Title: "Fade into the Background"

Type: Acrylic on 64x72in Canvas

Get to know the artist


Growing up in New York City, back in the era of graffiti riddled trains and rundown buildings, what some saw as vandalism - I saw as ART all around me!  


I saw artistic expression, showcasing what really surrounded my neighborhood when the sun set, VIOLENCE!!  My name is Abderly, and I am a student of the arts.  Born in New York City to Dominican parents in the early 90's, nothing came easy.  As new immigrants who barely spoke the language, I was witness to both my parents working their way up from nothing.  They now stand as owners of multiple properties.  I learned early on that you only fail at something if you choose to quit.

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