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Saturday, April 6th, 8:00pm
Sunday, April 7th, 2:00pm

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KnJ Theater at Peridance
126 East 13th Street
New York, NY 10003


Choreography by Marika Brussel
Music by Ryan Cockerham
Costumes by Erica Johnston
Lighting Design
by Sarah French

Inhale the full range of human emotion through this modernized version of an ancient tale that re-visions and re-empowers female mythology—By a Thread is The Odyssey for our times. By a Thread shines a light on Penelope, known originally for her fidelity, living in the shadow of her husband, Odysseus.  This ballet reimagines her as a military wife who takes the reins to become a leader. This version is an excerpt of a full ballet that will premiere in June 2024. 


Penelope - Sasha Gologorskaya

Athena/Conscience - Hayley Clark

Odysseus - Jacopo Sensoli

Amara - Lillian Smith

Annie - Julia Horner

Chloe - Sarah Swenson

Elena - Juliet Mazzola

Meli - Barbara Tosto

Sophia - Fernanda Garduza

Dimo/Suitor - Jamie Robinson

Kristo/Suitor - Omar Rodriguez Martinez

Nico/Suitor - Robbie Weatherington

Peter - TJ Hammond

Understudies - Sky Miller, Joshua Noel


Prologue Athena builds the world we see. ​ Scene 1 Penelope and her friends fit themselves into the spaces left for them. When the military is called to war, they are left to rebuild a world where they are the only ones left. Scene 2 The war has gone on for years.  Penelope has suitors trying to seduce her into new relationships. As she and her friends work through their grief, their power builds and they begin to re envision a future.



Choreography by Ho-Shia Aaron Thao
Story by Ho-Shia Aaron Thao and Kamilah Tisdale
Music by Marc DeSanctis & Ronald Corp,performed by Marc DeSanctis and Joe DeSanctis
Costumes by Erica Johnston
Lighting Design
by Sarah French

Set in the competitive world of corporate law, Iago v. Othello examines Shakespeare's classic drama as told through a predetermined rat race for money, prestige, and power. When loyalties are betrayed in a system rigged against the outsider, Iago sets fire to her world as she brings those around her to their knees. Iago v. Othello is a ballet about the all encompassing seduction of revenge and survival of the fittest. 


*Trigger warning:  this production includes materials of a highly sensitive nature such as suicide, violence, and death that may be triggering for some individuals. 


Iago - Bethany Kellner

Envy - Omar Rodriguez Martinez

Othello - Joshua Noel

Desdemona (Barbara’s daughter) - Barbara Tosto

Barbara (named partner) - Julia Horner

Michael Cassio - Jamie Robinson

Bianca - Hayley Clark

Rodrigo - Robbie Weatherington

Emilia (Barbara’s assistant) - Juliet Mazzola

Intern/Partners - Sasha Gologorskaya, Jacopo Sensoli, Lillian Smith

Intern/Associates - Fernanda Garduza, TJ Hammond, Sky Miller


Scene 1 - Prologue The ballet opens on our summer interns at Barbara’s law firm and gives us an insight into the beginning of a friendship between Iago and Othello and the budding romance between Othello and Desdemona, Barbara’s daughter. Iago finds out a secret about Michael Cassio. Scene 2 Several years later, we see the interns now as associates, awaiting the next promotions to partnership at the law firm. Barbara chooses Othello and instead of promoting his friend Iago, he chooses to promote Michael Cassio, leading to Iago’s psychotic breakdown and the emergence of Envy. Iago reveals to Rodrigo that Othello and Desdemona are secretly married. Scene 3 & 4 The next day, Michael brings news that Barbara plans to oust Othello as the newest partner of the firm in the fear that he used Desdemona in pursuit of his promotion. Bringing the partners to a vote, Barbara fails to make her case and Iago makes her intentions to bring Othello down clear. Pause ~ 5 minutes Scene 5 & 6 Othello returns to the firm after successfully signing a new client. While the firm celebrates, Iago entraps Roderigo and Michael in her plans for revenge. Disappointed and embarrassed by Michael’s behavior, Othello fires Michael Cassio. Scene 7 Michael begs Emilia and Desdemona for help to get his job back and Othello reluctantly agrees. Using Michael’s secret and the careful placement of Desdmona’s scarf on Michael Cassio, Iago plants the seed that Desdemona and Michael are having an affair behind Othello’s back. Iago and Envy celebrate as Othello’s world starts to crumble around him. Scene 8 With Iago’s voice in his head, Othello confronts Desdemona about her affair. While she attempts to win over his trust again, Othello’s vision of Michael and Desdemona’s betrayal cannot be swayed. Emilia, aware of Iago’s plans but choosing to remain silent, tries to comfort a confused and heartbroken Desdemona. Scene 9 An anxious and terrified Michael Cassio paces in his office when Iago sends a drunk Rodrigo after him. Much to Rodrigo’s surprise, Michael stabs Rodrigo with Barbara’s nail file and he succumbs to death. Devastated, Michael contemplates his actions when Iago attacks him for ruining her plans. Encouraged by Envy to end Michael, Iago steadies herself for her first kill but is interrupted by Bianca and Emilia. Scene 10 As Desdemona finishes packing up her office, Othello returns to confront her once again. Enraged by her betrayal, Othello uses her trust in him to murder Desdemona before retreating into shock. When Barbara demands to know what happened to her dead daughter, Emilia reveals that it has been Iago’s plan to destroy their lives.

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